About 6 hours after an order is placed we will send out a reminder email that payment is due if it has not been received. Then 12-24 Hours after an order is placed if the payment is not received it will be cancelled. Multiple Cancelled orders from continued placement and non-payment will lead to your account being suspended.

From your bank you select Transfer Money - Email Money transfer or some banks might just show Send INTERAC® e-Transfer. If your bank differs or you cannot find the proper section please call your bank to check. Once you find this section add us through the Add New Recipient option and input our store email that will be provided upon checkout.
And make sure to pick Send Transfers By Email. For the security question/answer please Follow the Directions in the email you receive upon placing the order. If you have any issues then send us a message through the Questions section marked as private.

Once we receive the payment an email to notify you the payment was received will be sent and your order will be processed for next business day shipping. Some items on Back order may take longer to process, You will always be kept in the loop if anything gets delayed or needs more processing time!

Regional Shipping provinces are British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba everywhere else is National.

$20.00 for Xpress Post to National Provinces or $13.00 for Xpress Post to Regional Provinces.


Currently we accept Bitcoin and Email Money Transfer.
You can sign up for free and buy or sell bitcoin on the largest Canadian Exchange Quadrig